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Oscar, Vickie Storms
and Hannah Prewitt
1825 Gilbert Borders Rd.
Bowling Green KY 42101
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Welcome to our farm we have 10 goats on our 22 acre farm.  Located in Hadley Kentucky 16 miles north of Bowling Green. We have been in the goat business for over 6 years. Here at O V H Boer & Kiko Farm we concentrate on providing our customers with high quality percentage Kiko from top quality bloodlines. Our main goal is to raise maintenance free as possible, free range and parasites resistance meat goats for market and have some good genetics for sale at a reasonable price to improve or increase your herd.
All our goats are checked for parasites every month using the FAMACHA method . We trimmed hoofs in the spring and fall. Just give us a call. 270-779-8389
      The Kiko breed
No Shelter
No assistance during kidding
No supplemental feeding
Less hoof trimming
Minimal parasite control
The resulting breed is the
extremely hardy Kiko.
Texas Genemaster
A Texas Genemaster is
5/8 Boer and 3/8 Kiko. 
The advantage of this breed
is that it has the bulk of the
boer with more of the hardiness
of the Kiko breed.  Studies have
shown that Texas Genemaster
kids grow at a quicker rate than
either pure Boars or pure Kikos.

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